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I Believe in God’s Grace, Puppy Kisses, and Tanlines

Amyleigh Atwater graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton in 2009. Her professional career started as a junior account executive with Venue Marketing Group. A role she was excited to accept upon graduation following her college senior internship with the company. It was with Venue that Amyleigh nurtured her love for marketing and events.

Following the receipt of her Wedding and Event Planning certificate from the NY Institute of Art & Design, In June 2013, entrepreneur Amyleigh, “opened the doors” to Atwater Events – a wedding and event planning company. The business was established as a way for her to share her passion for event planning with others. Her optimism to grow her personal business in her free time shows her motivation and dedication as a young woman professional.

Amyleigh Atwater served with Place of Hope from 2013 – 2020. Place of Hope’s mission is based on unique faith-based principals which provide family-style foster care, safety for victims of domestic minor sex trafficking, transitional housing and healing opportunities for children and families who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect throughout Florida. Being a 501c3, Place of Hope relies heavily on the support of donors to fund their mission. As a lead fundraiser and event planner for Place of Hope, Amyleigh’s focus was to build relationships in the community and share the mission of the organization to attract resources that will assist in their cause. By engaging with the community, she was able to help identify individuals and other businesses that want to contribute to the support for children in Place of Hope’s care.

In 2016, Amyleigh collaborated with friends on ways to engage the younger crowd. The issue they faced was that most of these younger people do not have the financial ability to donate money to the cause. After some discussion, she created a group called the Young Ambassadors of Hope. This group was established to get others involved in ways that weren’t just about money. The group was designed for participants to lend their time and help spread the message of Place of Hope to others around them. The Young Ambassadors opened a whole new door for Place of Hope, giving the nonprofit access to areas and people that had not yet been informed of the charity. The group, made up of young men and women between the ages of 21 – 40, grew to over 150 dedicated members under Amyleigh’s leadership. Using her creativity through social media, and relationships with other influential young adults, the Young Ambassadors of Hope took off.

Atwater Events was rebranded Atwater Marketing & Events (AME) as the world was going into quarantine in March of 2020. At that time, Amyleigh assisted businesses in growing their online presence to avoid financial losses associated with the shut down. Traditional brick and mortar businesses sought out Amyleigh’s expertise in e-commerce and social media marketing, growing the marketing side of the AME business as social and corporate events were canceled.

Today, Amyleigh continues to serve local businesses and community members as a marketing and event management specialist. She and her husband Stephen Heiman welcomed their first child in the spring of 2022 and are very excited for this next adventure.

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